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CO Check Pro

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1-PYtest®  2-CLO test 3-H2 check 4-CO check1-PYtest® 2-CLO test 3-H2 check 4-CO check 5-Sweat Analyzer,SM01

Urea Breath Test to detect Helicobacter pylori

PYtest® is approved by the US-FDA and the Australian TGA as a safe and non-invasive 14C Urea Breath Test to be used in the detection of Helicobacter pylori,

We recommend UBT-Pytest an  to those who are seeking the following characteristics:
1. Safe: The PYtest carries full medical liability/indemnity insurance  to all Distributors, Patients & Doctors.  No other Urea Breath Tests (UBT) carries such comprehensive liability/indemnity cover.  It is the only  UBT approved by the US-FDA for all patients regardless of gender or age & can thus be prescribed to children & pregnant women.  The PYtest has had NO adverse events reported since its first registration by the US-FDA in 1996. 

The US-FDA, the Australian TGA and the Australian Drug Advisory Committee (ADEC) have applied NO restrictions on the use of PYtestâ on the basis of gender or age of a subject & therefore PYtest® is safe for all ages and carries full medical indemnity cover.

2. Fast: The PYtest takes only ten minutes testing time for a patient

(while others UBTs can take upto 30-40 minutes to administer). The reason for this rapidity of response  is the unique delivery system of  the PYtest.  Within a capsule is contained several hundred microspheres made of a patented glyco-polymer-matrix.  The microspheres are less than a millimetre in diameter. On ingestion, the capsule dissolves in the stomach within two minutes and the urea-coated microspheres are released and spread over a large surface area of the stomach.

3.Accurate: specificity&ppv&sensitivity:100%,

4.Simple: The PYtest® is very quick and is simple to use, only taking 10 minutes to complete due to its "cutting edge" design which uses "micro beads" to get to the Helicobacter pylori  infection site i


The"gold standard"among urease tests. Rapid Urease Test is recognized by medical professionals as  the “Gold Standard” among urease  tests because of  its accuracy(98%), specificity(97%)

convenience and affordability. no false positives within 20 minutes.

CLOtest was developed by Barry Marshall, M.D. who, along

with Robin Warren, M.D.Today, CLOtest has become  the most widely used  rapid urease test worldwide for the diagnosis of H. pylori.


3-H2 Check:

The H2_ Check is capable of diagnosing a range of gastroenterology disorders and food intolerances based on collecting Hydrogen breath results.

Other Applications include:Lactose mal-absorption,Carbohydrate mal-absorption & breakdown deficiencies.Bacterial overgrowth,Intestinal transit time,Sucrose mal-absorption ,Fructose mal-absorption,Lactulose bacterial overgrowth,Sorbitol mal-absorption.


4-CO Check:

The CO Check Pro has been designed to enable all healthcare professionals to carry out quick and simple breath tests that provide comprehensive results. A single breath from a person will instantly display results in PPM and %COHb. Both results are backed up with an appropriate colour light to show a non-smoker, light smoker, smoker and heavy smoker.





Sweat patterns of patients suffering from Cystic Fibrosis have an increased NaCl concentration at a chronical rate. During the inspection clear statement of increased ion concentration gives us the information required for appropriate diagnose. The SM-01 sweat analyzer is a reliable equipment, which can be used in doctor's offices, nursery schools, hospitals or clinics.